Life with a Beast!!!

Life with a Beast!!!.

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Life with a Beast!!!

softy and  me

softy and me

“All the emptiness of life was suddenly swapped with happy smiles when Godmother knocked my door and placed an angel on my lap and since then, Life was never ever the same…”

She came packed, as a gift in a box.

When I opened the box I could feel a ‘Life’ waiting to commit a lifetime with me. I felt her warm hands and feet and kissed her as soon as I held her. A splurge of motherly feeling aroused in me. Here she was the beautiful among its kin, intertwined in her daunting eyes she promised me the happy moments ahead.

She was tiny, just a few days baby struggling to walk on the tiled, slippery floor. She was at my mercy for her survival and feeding. Many a times, I saved her from drowning in the same bowl from which she was drinking milk. As she grew up, she started getting accustomed to my world and me, with her world. We shared our differences. Nobody around me ever understood what we spoke? How we were able to communicate the language which human could ever invent. We were different, our vocals, our emotions were different. But here we shared Love and Love never needed a medium to be expressed, at least not in the sense of language.

She was never a nagger but was an A-One listener. She never complained about my winning and uninterrupted flow condemn towards the outside world. I still haven’t figured out her astounding capability in gauging and reciprocating the right kind of response to uncanny situations which could even outdo the psychology counselor. Their species are the only ones that can defy the myth about Human recognition of Emotions. I always knew that we both were a part of different world but still our love transcends human bonding. Here it was my life, that part of life which I say- ‘My life with a Beast…’

The beast was the best Gift I could have asked for from someone. I was 13 and a teenager. Life was seemingly uncontrollable and ever-devastating under depressed molehills. Withering trust among friends and after surviving the knife at my back by the most trusted so called ‘best friend’ I was under constant evil brain which aided me for digging my graveyard. Teenage lonely days were not considered best for personality building. She though t I needed a friend so the talks to my personal diary could get replaced. That’s what when my mother brought her into my life. The baby beast has ever since been the constant source of happiness even in times of breakdowns, trials and tribulations. All through my growing years where promises and conditional love of human being was setting me apart. I found solace in unuttered feelings which she transmitted; unending licks and wagging tails sometimes aided best in sailing turbulent and thudded shores.

Some living being come into our lives and quietly go. Others like my little beast ‘SOFTY’ leave Paw print s on our heart, and we are never ever the same again.

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Love with the Anonymous You

– Love in the Times of Internet

It starts with…..

“I know its lyk intruding into sum1’s life when sum1 from nowhere starts sending you msg….bt i just need to say that ur pic has such an essence that i couldn’t take myself away frm it…… so if u dnt mind then can we b frnds without much bother.”

“You look great. Gorgeous is an understatement for you.”

“I am new on this site..looking for friends around would you mind me being your friend?”

“Hey can we be friends?”

I am sure every one of us have come across wannabe’s bullshitting the above lines on facebook and other chat messengers. Few of my female friends have been repeatedly fallen for these traps and faced the consequences of course, more in a negative way than positive. After Counselling each and every one personally I  am eager to highlight the phrase “better be safe than sorry”. It’s important for female counterparts to understand the ulterior motives of people in the virtual world. Because ‘a lot like Love’ can have serious haphazard’s.

Games people play

 The recent example of one of my close female friend has alarmed my senses. In this scenario the man started his chase through social networking site. After exchanging contacts they got in touch on the daily basis. Under the pretext of falling for her and promising her for marriage he met her and forced her to spend two days with him. The two days changed her life for the lifetime as he was never to be seen again. Deleting all the online account he fled away leaving her in state of shock due to betrayal and lies.

In another scenario where Mrs. Xyz sorted social networking site as her past time when the house was empty and husband away on ship. Mrs. Xyz was faithful till the time she encountered this young chap who was a imposter. Eyeing on the richness and vulnerability of the married woman he played a charlatan. Pretending to be in love he duped her for money and physical intimacy. This went on for a year till the time she discovered his passwords of online sites only to realise that he was involved with many married woman just like her. For him it was an alternative job.

Mili (Name Changed) facebook relationship status changed to ‘In A Relationship’ on Valentine’s when Raj(Name Changed) proposed her online. They met the following week forcing Mili to think completely in favour of him. She thought it was a match made in heaven and was glad that they were in Love. Suddenly, she received a message in her inbox from Clara about the Lusty relationship Raj and Clara were involved in. It stuck her later why Raj was reluctant to change his relationship status as Committed? and why he was always seemed scared of seen together in public? Subsequently, his facebook wallpost looked clear and transparent but his message inbox yelled about his unfaithfulness. The incident not only traumatized Mili but also changed her perspective towards male species, trust was irrevocable.

There have been instances whereby perverts study girls and act exactly the female expect out of them; by sweet talks and in flirtatious manner. Their hidden motives are not well understood and therefore they manipulate and convince the unexposed, innocent girls for their own personal motives. 

According to a recent survey, online world comprising social networking sites has become another dating hub whereby, people are seeking individuals preferably for dating rather than the contrary belief of finding a friend or seeking friendship alone. The question arises here is- Why Internet?

Virtual world VIELS the inhibitions and apprehensions on the part of people sharing common idea’s, common outlook towards life, common value, similar beliefs or opinion. The option of not concealing the original identification gives certain people the upper hand to decorate and manipulate the self –image and also the way it is conveyed. Lies and deception is common. The online personality can be moulded to centre the self. Exaggerating the traits to impress the opposite person, emphasising and showcasing oneself differently to attract, flirtatiousness and sweet talks, withholding the truth and the real self are common traits among the Internet cheaters and fraudsters. The motives of these fraudulent could differ from money matters to conning in love.

Ofcourse, I Love you

In another instance I have also come across girls who are in bliss having met their partners over the Internet. Believe me the percentage is very less. After probing them, the more or less inference I can come to terms is that there are certain qualities which differentiate good men from pervert predators. – ‘Truthfulness’ is the word. But my point is, how does one decide if the other person in front of the screen is truthful or just blabbering a fake story? Difficult as it may seem, because when it’s online, you only have words to believe in and judging more or less through words is risky, authentication is impossible.

Can Love Happen with someone you haven’t met?

Via virtual world you are less apprehended to share your ideas, opinions and are able to communicate at ease with a perfect stranger which in real world would have been paranoid to speak upon. Sharing of similarities and differences over an issue can happen very easily which may culminate into the likeness for the other person. A strong sense of connection may also be felt at times but that does not equate with the feeling of love. Though Love being a subjective topic needs to be understood and felt in reality not on the keyboaord, screen or a cellphone. Confusing, Time being attraction with Love is utter hallucination. That is the reason many virtual love are unable to sustain the reality shock. How can real expectation, durability of the relationship can be conveyed through an internet cable or a wireless cellphone? Face to face communication and physical presence are the foreground on which love thrives, survives and surpass the test of time.

Is Love over Internet Possible?

          Is the virtual love able to stand the test of time?

          Long Distance and virtual relationship. Is trust possible?

          Does such virtual love overcome the high expectations or standard set by an online personality?

          Is every personality visible and could be judged feasibly?

          Does such a love is able to come to terms with the reality of physical imperfections and deficiencies?

          What if the person does not come across like the way you have perceived online? Is overlooking those shortcomings possible?

          The most important and crucial question –Is it safe?

The side effect of Love in times of Internet can be seen today among the educated class mostly. Cyber Crime and Cyber Bullying are rampant. The virtual world ignites the suppressed juvenile behaviour. No fear of getting caught and eloping after committing the hideous sinful crime adds up to their encouragement. In few of the scenarios the imposter thinks its okay to involve into mischief like this because they have seen their peers boasting about the misuse. Incidence like these cannot be curbed completely because world wide web is a huge platform and scanning each and every activity happening is impossible. Stringent laws would also not help to threaten these conmen. The only feasible option available is to be alert and wise enough to hear the knock of crime on the door. Know the intention before you commit to them for their love or even for their friendship.  Judge them carefully and if possible avoid getting into romantic relations through Internet. Because it is better to be single and without love than to be lied, cheated upon and then dumped as a thrash. Love is more of action and not just flowery words. 

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Love is Blind Indeed!

(Read this article recently thought of sharing).
Falling in love is not just possible, but easy too. Just close your eyes and believe!

Rose-tinted happily-ever-after images in fairytales and romantic fiction spoil us for the real thing. Pre-conceived notions and expectations ensure disappointment even with the best. So sharply focused are we on expectations that we sometimes fail to objectively evaluate or appreciate reality. So, if you have been brought up on the raging passions and sky-rocketing Big Os of Mills & Boon, or on stories of a Prince Charming who carries girls away on white steeds, your real life romance has fizzled out even before it got a chance to sizzle. 

However, don’t lose heart. This is not to say that love cannot happen. It can and does but only to those of us who believe in it and make the effort to build it for ourselves. Note, not find love, but to build or create it for yourself. Most make the mistake of looking for that ‘one’ man, or that ‘one’ woman, who is perfect for them. There is no such thing as the perfect soulmate — there could be any number of them and so long as they fulfil your basic criteria, all is good. The critical part is recognising one of them who crosses your path and then to fall, or rise, in love. Research has shown that it takes between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide if you are attracted to a person. Fifty-five per cent of your decision is influenced by body language, 38 per cent through tone and style of speaking, and just seven per cent is dependent on what is said. Rest is all a matter of intent and application. 

The one thing to remember is that most of the time you need to close your eyes to build your world of romance. Romance is certainly not going to happen with eyes wide open! Romantic love can happen only when you close your eyes to everything, including sometimes, the object of your affection! For, love and romance is more about convincing yourself than anything else. You can fall in love with someone and choose to remain in love for as long as you like. And so long as the object of your affection doesn’t do something unpalatable to break the illusion, nothing would go wrong till you decide to get bored or move on. 

Start off with the belief that there can be no one person who is perfect in all respects. We all have good and bad facets, and one person’s evaluation of you could differ dramatically from another’s, depending on body chemistry and shared experiences. We all know people who are fond of us and others who aren’t. If we choose to focus on someone’s not-so-nice side we are bound to build up negative feelings against the person; however, if we choose to ignore the negative for the positive, we will appreciate the same person. The power of imagination is helpful for lovers. Use your imagination to believe you are totally in love with your beloved or spouse. Whip up the passion, feel it, let the rose-tinted glasses fall in place and then turn the love-laden gaze towards your partner. Even if it doesn’t always kick start your heart into overdrive, it will definitely keep the love going strong. 

A friend and mother of two has this habit of looking adoringly at her husband, shooting indulgent smiles and stroking his cheek. Believe it or not, the man is in a state of constant adoration for his wife! I refuse to believe that in their decade-long marriage, they haven’t had problems, or haven’t seen the worst of each other. But they have chosen to focus on what they love and express it openly rather than trying to improve what they don’t like. And it works fabulously for them. Most marriages that last are those where the couple has chosen to reaffirm their love by building up spaces and activities where they can share togetherness. Leading researcher on love psychology, Ellen Berscheid, talks of how new lovers magnify each other’s virtues and explain away flaws. It doesn’t need rocket science to explain that continuing to do so would ensure lasting love; indeed, love needs to be blind! And to prove that falling in love is quite easy, New York-based psychologist Prof Arthur Arun asked subjects to find a complete stranger, share intimate details for half an hour and then stare deeply into each other’s eyes for four minutes. This resulted in most of his subjects feeling a deep attraction for each other. Reportedly, two of the couples even got married!

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Minute story-10

His father was a Doctor who once came to the village on a medical camp. That’s what his mother told him. He grew anxious and thereby left his village and searched other counties wondering if his father has abandoned siblings from other mothers.

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Minute story-09

Mary never thought she would be thousand miles away from where she once belonged. But then Jack fell out of love and then married a wannabe Model who was once his co-worker. Mary wanted to escape his memories but her inferiority complex would reach out to her everywhere.

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Minute story-08

She sat in the compartment crumpled with a bagpack and a pouch. She sighed and thought how different she was from locals. Her personality better,her standard higher and destiny different .She knew she had a long way to go unaware of the fact that at the next station the blast would blow even her.

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Minute Story-11

12am. M awake. YoU are asleep. I smell adultery in You. Your heart seems the best position to stab while ur asleep in her thoughts. My tomorrow will b better without you.

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Minute story-07

They all broke the rules. They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all tampered with the laws that lay down who should be loved and how. And how much. 

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Minute story-06

She did not wanted to participate in the truth game’ inspite of direct entry. Coz she knew her hidden secrets abt sin nd bad deeds at 20 were far more worse  than a 40 year olds!

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